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Operating from Lisbon & London, we have a global footprint, supported by dedicated teams strategically located in India, Kenya, Finland, and Slovakia. Harnessing the specialized expertise of our skilled strategists, we meticulously tailor solutions to the unique demands of each industry we serve, ensuring exceptional results that surpass expectations.


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Our team's exceptional synergy cultivates an environment ripe for innovation, propelling us towards success. This dynamic collaboration fosters creativity, shaping our strategic vision with precision and clarity. With each member contributing their unique strengths, we navigate challenges with confidence, achieving exceptional outcomes that exceed expectations and define excellence in our field.

Our Verticles


These verticals underscore our exceptional expertise and proficiency, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions that precisely address the distinctive requirements of each sector. With our extensive knowledge and proficiency in these domains, we provide a comprehensive suite of high-quality solutions, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients.

Apply 2 Work

At, our vertical is focused on revolutionizing the job application process. With an intuitive platform and cutting-edge technology, we streamline recruitment, connecting talented individuals with opportunities seamlessly. Our commitment lies in enhancing efficiency and transparency, ensuring both employers and applicants experience a smooth journey. We leverage innovation to create a user-centric experience, empowering job seekers and employers alike to navigate the hiring landscape with ease and confidence. Join us in shaping the future of recruitment, one application at a time.

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Apply 2 Migrate

At, our vertical is committed to facilitating seamless immigration processes. Through our comprehensive platform, we provide individuals and families with the tools and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of relocation with ease. From visa applications to settlement assistance, we offer tailored solutions to meet diverse migration needs. Our goal is to empower individuals to pursue new opportunities and build a better future in their chosen destination. Join us in simplifying the journey.

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Apply 2 Study

At, our vertical is dedicated to transforming the educational journey. Through our platform, we simplify the process of discovering and applying to academic programs worldwide. With advanced tools and personalized guidance, we empower students to find the perfect educational fit tailored to their aspirations and goals. Our mission is to facilitate access to quality education, fostering lifelong learning and personal growth. Join us in reshaping the landscape of education, making every step toward knowledge acquisition a rewarding and enriching experience.

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Get Us Online

At, our vertical is committed to comprehensive online solutions, including app development services. Alongside website development, domain registration, hosting, and digital marketing, we specialize in crafting customized mobile applications. Our goal is to empower businesses with versatile digital tools to engage their audiences effectively across platforms. From concept to deployment, we ensure seamless app development tailored to your specific needs, enhancing your online presence.

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Get Me NIF

At, our vertical specializes in facilitating easy relocation to Portugal by assisting in obtaining crucial documents like the Portuguese NIF (tax number) hassle-free online. Our platform extends to NIF-related services and beyond, including acquiring the NISS (Portuguese social security number), opening remote bank accounts, company formation, and virtual address services. We streamline the relocation process, offering comprehensive support for individuals and businesses transitioning to Portugal.

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Adwait Stonex

At, our vertical specialises in international trading, offering a diverse range of commodities including natural and artificial stones such as granite, marble, sandstones, ceramic and vitrified tiles, and quartz. We source our high-quality products from India and export them worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and reliability, we cater to the global demand for premium stone products, ensuring satisfaction for our customers across the globe.

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Apply 2 Intern

Apply2Intern, an extension of, focuses on revolutionizing internship applications. Our mission is to connect aspiring interns with enriching opportunities. Dedicated to efficiency and transparency, Apply2Intern ensures a seamless journey for both interns and companies. Through a wide network and cutting-edge technology, our platform empowers interns to explore positions effortlessly, while companies gain access to talented individuals. Committed to shaping internship recruitment, we facilitate meaningful connections for personal and professional growth. Join us in transforming internships, one opportunity at a time, as we redefine the landscape together.

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Your Horizon


Set sail on a voyage of boundless potential with our wide-ranging collection of verticals. Whether you aim to advance your career, broaden your education, simplify migration, enhance your online presence, facilitate relocation to Portugal, or acquire premium stone products, our group caters to your every need. Together, we provide a diverse range of tailored solutions. Partner with us today and unlock a realm of opportunities for success and expansion.

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